About Aldus Print

Aldus Print is a creative and marketing company founded in 2015. Our core group has more than 60 years of design and marketing experience. Our specialty is in design and we can design for just about anything you need including social media platforms, email advertisements, website, and printed assets.

Why pick us? Your brand should be consistent across whatever platforms you are using, and we can help. Aldus provides a creative and imaginative approach to your marketing needs. Our designers are experienced in both print and digital media using industry standard software and protocols.

As a print broker we can handle all of your printing needs from design to the planning and management of all creative assets. We put the flexibility of offering the very best printing facilities at your disposal. With this approach there is nothing we cannot print for you. You can rely on our knowledge of manufacturing materials and processes to overcome workflow issues. We are here to navigate your printing needs from production to the archival process of digital assests.

What is in a Name? Aldus Print is named after a 16th century Venetian scholar, printer, and publisher who founded Aldine Press in Venice, Italy. He invented italic type and pioneered the printing of inexpensive books in small formats very much like modern day paperback books. His goal was to preserve ancient Greek literature while making it available in both format and affordability to everyone. The fact that many of his printed works have survived till today is a testament to his craftsmanship.

We pay homage to his drive for artistry, inventiveness, and craftsmanship when it comes to design, technique, and printing. Therefore it is not just his name that we have chosen to pay homage to but also the acumen he displayed in getting things done in a way that no one else could.

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