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It is obvious, you want to stand out from your competitors and you don’t want to look like an amateur. But hiring an ad agency is not in the budget and you don’t have a graphic designer on staff. You’re not alone in that most small businesses do not have in-house design or printing departments at their disposal. So what is your business going to do?

This is where Aldus Print can be of assistance. Our creative team of designers is ready to listen to you and offer helpful suggestions. When you partner with Aldus Print, our graphic designers become your graphic designers. With over 60 years of experience in design, printing, and marketing you can be confident that your business will not look like an amateur. We will make sure you stand out from the crowd and impress.

How We Can Help

Design Services are included with the price of your Print Project. There may be additional charges for logo artwork that is not editable. What does that mean? Don’t worry, our graphic designers will spend the time explaining whatever it is you need assistance with. Our design expertise are at your command.

If you have a project that does not require printing, like an email campaign or social media post, our Design Services have a rate of $60 per hour. Our Account Managers will work with you on Design and Copywriting to insure your message is on target.

When working as a team anything is possible. Aldus Print wants to join your team. Contact Us today to see how we can help.

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