We Are Open For Business

We are continuing to return production to our normal turnaround times, and are making adjustments each day so that our completion estimates are as accurate as possible. Due to enhanced safety procedures adopted to ensure a safe work environment for our employees, certain products may continue to require one to two days more to complete than we offered previously. In rare cases, we may reroute your order to another facility, but we will make every effort to expedite production, so it can be produced within the turnaround times you have selected.

Our Assurance To You

Most of the world is facing the challenge of COVID-19. Staying safe and well is our priority for all employees, their families, and our clients. With that in mind we want to offer assurance that steps have been taken (for over 6 months now) to provide a safe work environment and product line.

Customer service,  creative personnel, and account managers are working remotely with all the appropriate equipment and needed access to care for you. Production facilities have taken appropriate measures to monitor the health of those who have to operate printing and fulfillment equipment. Further, social distancing and the wearing of PPE are being enforced.

Ordering & Delivery

All of our business and contact with you is by email, phone, and video conferencing. We can take care of all your needs without the having to meet face-to-face. Once you have approved the project’s artwork and layout we worry about the printing. Once your order is complete it is delivered to your door via UPS, FedEX, or USPS.

If you have any questions please give us a call at (210) 625-6538 or email us at info@aldusprint.com. If you feel like video conferencing just let us know and we will arrange a date and time.

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